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We are approved by the government of India, in accordance with section(10)of the emigration act 1983 to commerce or carry on the business of recruitment for deployment of India workers with foreign employers, ministry of labor government of India issued to us the certificate no:B-0677/KER/PER/1000+/5/6043/2002. in this capacity we are allowed to recruit all categories of workers for foreign employers.

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Managing Director

Mr.KOYA P.K is at the helm of the company .he is in business of manpower recruitment for the past 18 years .his experience and insight of the trade has provided excellent work to force to foreign employers to suit their needs.he always adheres to standard norms of this business.

our staff

An experienced management team of professionals, share day-to-day management of rais management services. They are attentive and caring. in ye-rests of clients take precedence over every thing to them needless to say, we are the ideal destination for gulf companies who wish to recruit professionals human resources from India and we would like to affirm our interest to serve your organization.

our specialty

We recruit manpower of almost all categories. such as engineers,NDT technicians, doctors, nurses, secretaries, computer operators, cashiers, accountants, it people, mechanics, embroiders (all type), weavers,
masons, plumbers, carpenters (furniture and shuttering), steel fixers, welders (all grades), electrician, helpers, painters, tile fixers, drivers (heavy & light) and other different categories that are required by client.