We Are Here To Help You

As soon as a recruitment is notified to us, We call for applications through a countrywide advertising campaign. As soon as the response is received a team of experts go through a applications. the selected candidates are then called for a personal interview and only the top team is presented to the client.



Other Formalities

For our valued clients we make all the arrangements as and when they required to visit India for selections and recruitment, our executive make frequent visits abroad, to keep up and service our valued clients and their employees to make sure that both the clients and employee is satisfy. In case the client is unhappy with the performance or behavior of the employee,we shall replace him.

we efficiently and promptly handle all formalities of the visas from the respective embassies/ consulates and obtaining necessary permission from the protector of emigrants,ministry of labor. we also handle all formalities relating ticketing and departure assistance including flight bookings,hotel reservations, etc and we conduct through medical examination to make sure that all health recruitment of the governments is fulfill.